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## IDT

**Input Device Transform** is camera manufacturer defined.

## LMT

**Look Modification Transform** is applied to give a ‘look’ to the image, with a likelihood going into manipulations that simple applied grading cannot achieve.

## RRT

**Reference Rendering Transform** is an applied ‘ACES’ defined look based on an RDD (*Reference Display Device*) with theoretical colour gamut and dynamic range.

## ODT

**Output Device Transform** maps the image from its RDD format (impossible to render visually) into the ODT defined display type/limitation such as Rec.709, P3, AdobeRGB, sRGB, etc.



## Intent

The intent is to take the ACES RRT result that is a combination of the CAMERA > APPLIED LOOK/LUT > INTENDED DISPLAY and create the necessary transforms still within the overwhelming ‘confines’ of the ACES space.

*Basically* we’re converting the original LUT into an ACES space.

**RRT** & **ODT** into a single, concatenated file.