What is a Digital Imaging Technician?


A DIT is the Photographer’s direct connection between their vision and post production.

A DIT is an on-site fully customisable looks lab that can develop any kind of correction to your image, output in any format and deliver to any client.

A DIT is a Photographer’s ultimate creative tool on set. It is the bridge between their idea and allowing the client a step into the creative process.

A DIT is a second set of eye’s. A DIT is in the image at a pixel level, not an emotional level.

A DIT protects your desire for creative intent and the agencies desire for maximum information. They’re the border patrol to your sliders.

A DIT is the sole access to the digital photographic negative. During a production a DIT controls what the client and production see’s, it is a responsibility to show precisely what the Photographer would intend.

It is not a DIT’s role for opinion, only fact and conveyance. Do not conflate acknowledged anomaly for understood creative intent.

A DIT is not a mind-reader. It is necessary to establish looks and vision prior to shoot days. Developing a common language is vital especially during live grading moments on a hot set.

A good DIT will be a catalyst for ideas, an experimenter and tormenter. They are the freedom of creative expression that rests between you and the agency, or client. They will translate your murmers of additional warmth or a shoulder lift and purple shift before you’ve completed the snarl.

A DIT shouts for makeup. A DIT shouts for wardrobe. A DIT says NO DRINKS ON THIS CART. A DIT keeps that extra copy you didn’t even know about. A DIT is the insurance you paid for.

A DIT affords your client flexibility sooner than later. A DIT saves you days of work. A DIT saves you overtime. A DIT saves you FEDEX Bills and Deadline Requests.

Do you need a DIT?

No, you can store your negative’s and your magic in a box until later, or you can work within the confines of your own workflow during a production. Both are valid options, and often vital one’s given budget concerns or sensitive photography, but neither detract from the extra value and flexibility an efficient and well versed DIT can afford.