CrashPlan is the kind of service that only needs to work once to be worth it. There’s many caveats with a service like this. Especially one that offers unlimited storage for such a cheap price per month. Corners are cut to achieve this sustainability and it’s worth keeping this in mind when making decisions with regards to the security of your digital archive.

With that in mind, CrashPlan is a $10 / month service that allows you to connect your NAS with some tinkering to their service and initiate an upload up to 68TB (A true limit, despite their advertisement of ‘unlimited’). They only have two data centers, and their upload speeds are painfully slow. These are all mute points for what is simply a set-and-forget $10 / month piece of extremely cheap insurance.

So, we’re sticking with CrashPlan but we already have a CrashPlan PRO account. Unfortunately the plugin that comes with FreeNAS only works with CrashPlan HOME Accounts. A severe problem for someone who already has CrashPlan running multiple accounts via a PRO/Business Account. Fortunately with the change of a few lines in two files, we can have the FreeNAS Client talk to the GUI and shake hands with respects to the PRO account. Fantastic!

If you’re reading this tutorial I’m assuming you’ve already gone through the hassle of creating a SSH VPN Tunnel solution to connect to your FreeNAS CrashPlan client. This is a complicated and in-depth process that Code42 go into great detail in covering. See here. Once you’re to the point of aiming to login to your CrashPlan account (and you’re being denied….Close the GUI and head into the Terminal and access your jail via the Shell in FreeNAS or SSH. We’ll be working in SSH.

Once you’ve SSH’d into your FreeNAS you’re going to be looking for the Jail to access. You’ll then head to the jail in order to work on the two files.

jls – Lists all of the jails currently running on your FreeNAS
jexec 3 tcsh – Executes the Jail based on the JID number 3.

Once you’re in as root@crashplan_1, you’ll be editing the first file, default.service.xml

ee /usr/pbi/crashplan-amd64/share/crashplan/conf/default.service.xml

Here you’ll change the orgType to BUSINESS and the authority address to Save by pressing Esc and saving changes.

Next you’ll look for the same details in my.service.xml and change them there, too.

ee /usr/pbi/crashplan-amd64/share/crashplan/conf/default.service.xml

Again, orgType to BUSINESS and authority address to

Press Esc, save the changes and then restart your Jail in FreeNAS. Once you’ve restarted and reconnected your VPN Tunnel, fire up your CrashPlan GUI and you should be able to successfully login with your PRO Account!