With the release of Capture One 9.1 comes a fantastic new addition in the shortcuts menu. Reset Capture Counter. With the ability to assign a workflow or a sequence of custom events using software such as Keyboard Maestro, we can make one shortcut change our shot folder and reset our capture counter all at once.

The benefit of this set up, and having shot-lists written out ahead of time, is that you can assign your naming format to follow the name of the shot folder. This means that so long as you’re accurately keeping tabs on what’s being shot, your file naming will match live without the necessity of a post-rename. This saves valuable time as you can then start your batch processing whilst additional shots are being shot. Another tip is to take advantage of tokens in your batch processing folders, too. I’ll write more about this in another tip.

Software Needed
Capture One 9.1+
Keyboard Maestro

In Capture One you’ll want to find the shortcut for ‘Set Capture Folder’ and ‘Counters’. They’re both going to be set to the following for the sake of this tutorial.

Keyboard Shortcuts > File > Set as Capture Folder > CMD + F

Keyboard Shortcuts > Edit > Counters > Reset Capture Counter > CMD + Shift + 2

Now over in Keyboard Maestro we want to put both of these shortcuts together into a single shortcut. We’ll place a slight delay in there just in case it takes Capture One a moment to switch folders over. Copy these settings below.


Now any time you select your capture folder in Capture One and press CMD + Shift + D You’ll change the capture folder to the one highlighted and you’ll reset the capture counter to zero.

I have this macro set to display a notification once it has been executed. This lets me know that I didn’t miss-type and if I do not have the capture name window currently active, it’s a secure reminder that it did the job. If you’d prefer not to have a notification displayed, you can simply not add it to your macro.

I’ve included a download to this macro so you can simply edit it to match your system settings.

Download: C1 Folder Set, Capture Reset